Making every drop count

Developing tools for a sustainable future

Paving the way for water efficiency technology in Europe

At Smartvatten, we work to save hundreds of millions of liters of water every year. To achieve that goal, we believe knowledge is key. That's why our products and services for the real estate sector and water utilities cover the entire water cycle. Every day, we work toward a future where clean water is valued and its responsible use is an ongoing, worldwide effort. Together with our clients, we want to make sure every drop counts.


Every drop counts.

Founded in 2013, Smartvatten has grown from a small company providing energy certificates to the leading supplier of water efficiency technology and expertise in 
Northern Europe . We now have more than 120 employees in 8 countries and offices in 
Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany, and provide our comprehensive water efficiency services and expertise worldwide. 
Eager to learn more about our companies grass roots? Read Our History here! 



Committed to excellence

We would not be where we are today without our people. We believe occupational well-being is the foundation for our success. That's why we strive to be an exemplary enterprise where employees are happy and able to flourish, and where our customers and stakeholders feel welcome and respected. Together, we are committed to an ethical code of conduct  that ensures high-quality and fair commercial activity. 



Shared enthusiasm built on responsibility and expertise 

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Trust is the foundation of our organization. We take care of each other, our stakeholders, and our environment. We keep our promises and act transparently as individuals and as an organization.

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Together, we have created and maintain an open, positive, and encouraging atmosphere. We thank each other, value diversity, encourage creativity, and share our know-how.

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We are passionate about our work and our mission and share our enthusiasm. Every day, we devote our talent and efforts to helping create a more sustainable future for everyone. 

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We are committed to continuously developing  our products and services, our team, and our organization to achieve our goal of being the world's leading provider of water efficiency technology and expertise. 

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