A global mission –
for the well-being of our blue planet

Smartvatten is the leading supplier of water efficiency technology in Northern Europe.

We develop, manufacture, and sell products and services for the Real Estate and Water Utilities sectors, covering the entire water cycle. We are creating a water-efficient future where clean water is valued and its responsible use is constantly strived for all over the world.

Smartvatten was founded in 2013 and now has more than 120 employees in eight countries, and offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany. We are a company where both employees and stakeholders are committed to helping solve the global water crisis together with enthusiasm, expertise, collaboration, and responsibility.


Shared enthusiasm built on responsibility and expertise 


Trust is the foundation of our organization. We take care of each other, our stakeholders, and our environment. We keep our promises and act transparently as individuals and as an organization.


We build an open, positive, and encouraging atmosphere together with our colleagues and stakeholders. We thank each other, value diversity, encourage creativity, and share our know-how.


We are passionate about devoting our talent and efforts to strive for a more sustainable future.


We are committed to developing our products and services, our personnel, and our organization towards our goal of being the world’s leading provider of water-efficiency technology and expertise.


We are building an
advanced water cycle ecosystem

At Smartvatten, we strive to be an active developer of the water ecosystem, combining global and local water understanding. With a collaborative and inclusive culture, we transform our expertise and water insights into valuable services. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of water consumption, making a positive impact on our environment and communities.


Every drop counts.

Vatten, water. This clear and brilliant element of nature has special value in Nordic heritage. Shape-shifting and free, water is a resource that supports, surrounds, and connects us with others.

Smartvatten is one team built on a clear vision and mutual trust. We come from different backgrounds to share our passion, knowledge, and expertise. Together, we build a culture that unites great traditions and strong talents for one common goal - to make a difference for the well-being of our blue planet.

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