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Our Asset Benchmark Report provides detailed benchmarking for portfolios encompassing more than 50 properties. Elevate your portfolio with an exclusive analytical expansion for distinguished real estate portfolio managers, and make the most of Smartvatten's data, service, and expertise. 


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Key Features

Assess portfolio

Assess your entire portfolio

Get detailed insights into each property by visualizing and comparing its water efficiency to your overall portfolio.

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Develop your water strategy

Create a data-driven water efficiency strategy with clear insights into which assets require your attention, while addressing the unique challenges at each site. 

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Score points for GRESB

Our report serves as a validation for a GRESB Water Efficiency Risk Assessment for each individual asset. And, if your entire portfolio is evaluated with our report, you’ll receive additional points helping you to complete your water efficiency score.     

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Compare your performance 

The Smartvatten Index is the foundation for the report. It’s a single KPI that captures a building's water efficiency performance through the lens of water consumption. Your assets are benchmarked against thousands of similar buildings, coupled with their efforts in detecting and responding to leaks.

Strategic Water Management
Unlock Actionable Data for GRESB Risk Assessment in Your Portfolio of 50+ Assets

Unlock a comprehensive snapshot of your asset portfolio's water utilization and efficiency. The report makes comparing and prioritizing each property in your portfolio easy, and comes with detailed, actionable insights. It's an excellent resource for your water efficiency strategy and qualifies as a basis for a risk assessment of water efficiency for GRESB. The report is tailored to portfolios of more than 50 assets, and is rooted in a firm foundation of at least one year's worth of robust data integration with Smartvatten.


Asset Benchmark Report Components

Pareto chart of leaked water volume 
Based on the Pareto principle, you'll get a better understanding of the ranking of each individual assets based on the accumulated volume of leaked water.

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Smart water complete digital dashboards for mobile and desktop

Water use ranked across your portfolio 
Identify the assets that are impacted most by water efficiency measures with insights into both the water intensity as compared to the average, and the absolute volume of consumed water. The data is adjusted based on the type of your buildings. 

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CO2 emissions from water consumption 
Find out the CO2 footprint that comes with your asset's water consumption, based on custom calculations. This includes hot and cold-water consumption as well as the type of heating each individual asset uses. 

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Save money on water consumption

Risk exposure 
Each asset's risk exposure is determined by benchmarking the total consumption of each asset against your entire portfolio and Smartvatten's database, taking the specific asset class and floor area into account. Leaks are factored in by looking at frequency, duration, and volume, and are again compared to both your portfolio and our database.

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