Open the door to a nuanced understanding of water usage across three distinct levels with the strategic benchmarking of property data. This approach is not only innovative but also essential for those looking to advance their property management strategies and achieve greater efficiency in water utilization.


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Monthly Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your property's water usage with Smartvatten's comprehensive monthly reports.

Water Consumption Analysis
Detailed examination of water usage for each property.

Leak Detection 
Prompt identification and reporting of potential leaks.

Potential Cost Savings 
Estimated savings achievable through improved water management practices.

Service Integration 
Fully incorporated within Smartvatten's services for holistic monitoring.

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Smartvatten Index

Enhance your understanding of your property's water performance with the Smartvatten Index, offering.

Comparative Analysis 
Measure your property's performance against Smartvatten's extensive database.

Ease of Use
A straightforward scale for evaluating water efficiency.

Tailored Benchmarking 
Custom comparisons aligned with your property's specific type.

Robust Data Foundation 
Analysis grounded in a dataset from 15,000 properties for dependable accuracy.

Service Integration
Seamlessly incorporated within Smartvatten's comprehensive monitoring services.


Asset Benchmark Report

Delve into a detailed analysis of every property in your portfolio with the Asset Benchmark Report, offering.

Property Comparison and Prioritization 
Highlight key areas of focus by identifying the most significant properties.

Actionable Insights 
Obtain essential data to inform effective decision-making.

GRESB Risk Assessment Eligibility 
Enhance your sustainability profile and earn up to 0.5 GRESB points.

Added Value Service 
A strategic enhancement to bolster the sustainability of your real estate portfolio.


Partnership in water data management system

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