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Water is an essential part of a more sustainable future

The world is increasingly making sustainability a priority – and rightly so. But in our efforts to conserve energy and choose renewable sources, recycle and reduce waste, the tremendous savings potential of water is often overlooked. At Smartvatten, we want to make water an integral part of every sustainability effort.

By managing and reducing our water consumption, we save more than just water. We also save the energy, time and money that’s needed to heat the water for your shower and to treat it after it goes down your drain. 

With a clear water efficiency strategy,
we can use water responsibly,
while limiting the strain on natural resources.

In Europe, we are lucky enough to have plenty of freshwater resources. But even though water scarcity doesn’t affect us directly, studies show that the problem is increasing in all parts of the world.

And at Smartvatten, sustainability is not just what we do, it’s how we work. We get our job done through remote connections, minimize the use of paper, concentrate on recycling, and use energy-efficient solutions in all our locations.

Smartvatten has big plans for the future – for water conservation, and for our company. We see that property owners around the world are increasingly making water saving objectives part of their ESG strategies, and we’re ready to help them achieve their goals. 

We are growing fast, offering our services and expertise in more and more countries across the world. Our goal? To become the lead provider of water efficiency services, technology and expertise in Europe by 2025. And that’s only the beginning. Join us in saving hundreds of millions of liters of water every year, and making clean water for everyone a reality.

Fulfill your
ESG goals

At Smartvatten, we understand the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals in creating a sustainable and responsible future. We are dedicated to helping businesses like yours achieve their ESG objectives by providing innovative water management solutions that drive efficiency, cost savings, and environmental stewardship.

Why water
management matters

Water is a precious resource that plays a crucial role in both our daily lives and the global economy. Efficiently managing water usage is not only essential for reducing costs but also for minimizing environmental impact.

By optimizing water consumption, businesses can make significant strides towards achieving their ESG goals and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

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How Smartvatten helps

Smartvatten is a leading provider of intelligent water management solutions that empower businesses to take control of their water consumption. Our cutting-edge technology combines real-time monitoring, advanced analytics, and automation to give you valuable insights into your water usage patterns.

With this information, you can identify efficiency issues, detect leaks, and make data-driven decisions to reduce consumption and waste.


Industry-leading main metering services in real-time, online

Resource conservation

By accurately measuring and monitoring your water consumption, Smartvatten helps you identify opportunities for conservation. With our insights, you can implement sustainable practices and reduce your environmental footprint, contributing to your ESG goals.

Cost savings

Water efficiency translates directly into cost savings. Our solutions allow you to identify areas of excessive water usage, enabling you to make informed decisions that optimize consumption and reduce expenses. By reducing waste, you can improve your bottom line while aligning with your ESG objectives.

Sustainability reporting

Smartvatten provides comprehensive data and analytics to support your sustainability reporting requirements. Our detailed reports offer clear visibility into your water management practices, demonstrating your commitment to ESG goals and enhancing transparency for stakeholders.

Risk mitigation

Water leaks and inefficiencies pose risks to both the environment and your operations. Smartvatten's real-time monitoring alerts you to potential issues, allowing you to take immediate action and prevent costly damage. By mitigating risks, you strengthen your ESG practices and protect your business.

Reputation enhancement

Embracing sustainable water management practices not only positively impacts the environment and your bottom line, but also enhances your reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. By partnering with Smartvatten, you demonstrate your commitment to ESG goals, building trust, and attracting socially conscious stakeholders.

Our journey so far:

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Millions of

liters of water saved

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water leaks detected yearly


40,000 €

saved daily

Join Smartvatten in Achieving Your ESG Goals

At Smartvatten, we believe that every drop counts. By implementing our intelligent water management solutions, you can actively contribute to your ESG goals while unlocking cost savings and improving operational efficiency.

Together, let's create a more sustainable future for generations to come. Contact us today to learn more about how Smartvatten can help your business make a positive impact.

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