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The importance of water management

At Smartvatten, we think the world of water.  It's an invaluable resource that plays a crucial role in our daily lives, the global economy, and the well-being of our planet. Efficiently managing water use does not just have a positive effect on your company but helps minimize your environmental impact. Optimize your water consumption and make significant strides towards achieving your ESG   goals and contribute to a more sustainable planet. 


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Fulfill your ESG goals

Smartvatten provides intelligent water management solutions for real estate and water utilities. Our cutting-edge technology combines real-time monitoring and advanced analytics, providing your business with valuable insights. Join us to optimize your operations while making a positive impact on the environment.   

Save more than just water

By managing and reducing our water consumption, we save more than just water. We also save the energy, time and money that's needed to heat the water for your shower and to treat it after it goes down the drain. With a clear water efficiency strategy, we can use water responsibly, while limiting the strain on natural resources.  

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Reduce your environmental footprint

We help identify opportunities to limit the use of natural resources and reduce your environmental footprint. Make informed decisions about implementing sustainable measures, achieving your ESG objectives while improving your bottom line. 
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Report your sustainable progress

With our comprehensive data and analytics, your reporting and certifications   requirements are easily fulfilled. Detailed reports provide clear insights into your water management efforts and demonstrate your commitment to both ESG goals and transparency toward stakeholders.
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Minimize risks

Leaks and inefficient use of water pose risks to both the environment and your company's operations. Our real-time monitoring alerts you to potential issues, allowing you to take immediate action to prevent serious waste and damage. 
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Promote awareness

Actively working on sustainability means more than contributing to the future of our planet and your company. Leading by example raises awareness, promotes responsible behavior, and attracts socially conscious stakeholders.  

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