All your water data in one digital platform

With our Hub portal, you can seamlessly connect every water meter in your real estate portfolio and collect all their data in one smart, user-friendly platform. Whether you have main meters, submeters, or both, the entire building's water consumption and its related costs can be analyzed in the Hub portal and aggregated up to a portfolio level. 

A new look with enhanced analytics

Take control of your water management with easy access to all your data for high quality analyses and actionable insights.  Already a Smartvatten user? Take a moment to explore the platform and its new features, and put the instructions we shared in your onboarding training into practice. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you're new here, keep scrolling to learn more! 

New features in the
Hub Portal

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Updated look and feel 

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Portfolio-wide water data

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Fully responsive across devices 

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Enhanced analytical insights

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Increased productivity with easy access to key information

What you can expect

The Hub portal is an online platform for your real estate's water data. It provides direct access to the water consumption data and analytics on all your connected properties, and can be customized to suit your specific needs. 

See meter readings for each month, compare them to earlier years, and spot trends and abnormalities. You can also display or download the actual meter picture.

Find out when the leaks first started, how long they lasted, how much water was wasted, and when they were resolved. Go through our checklist to find out what to do in case of a leak. You can also record the cause of each leak for future reference.

Tweak the report to suit your needs – whether it’s for a meeting or reporting requirements. 

Give read-only rights to a facility manager, for example, or get in touch with us to update the recipients of alerts. 

See how each property is performing when it comes to water efficiency, and how they score on the Smartvatten Index. 

Find out how much carbon emissions your water use causes and how exactly we calculate that amount.

API Integrations

Effortlessly integrate your systems with ours

The Smartvatten system easily integrates with yours: we have API integrations for most building management systems and ESG reporting platforms, and can add new ones in no time. Data seamlessly flows into other platforms and solutions, allowing you to combine the entire building's ecosystem into one platform. 

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