Smartvatten Verto is a comprehensive service that makes water measurement in apartments or units accurate, up-to-date and very easy.

Smartvatten Verto is a wireless, remotely readable and apartment-specific water metering system manufactured in Finland that measures water consumption hourly, if necessary. The system is easy to install in both the construction of new buildings and during renovations.

With the help of the system's mobile household display, the resident can monitor the consumption of hot and cold hot water in their own apartment. On their household display, the resident can also see the humidity and temperature of the apartment. Best of all, the system not only saves water and energy, but it also saves money.

The Smartvatten Verto submetering system is currently only available in Finland and Sweden, but please contact us about suitable solutions in your market area.

Smartvatten Verto
includes the following services:

Automatic data transfer

Consumption data and billing always up to date.

Free mobile application

Smartvatten Verto brings water consumption data to your pocket.

Data maintenance

We take care of the data connection and the maintenance of the data transmission.

Why Smartvatten Verto?

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Easy to install

No cabling required.

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Five year warranty

The warranty covers a free of charge inspection by the manufacturer.

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Easy to maintain

The sensor is maintenance-free and the system can be maintained by replacing the battery pack.

smarvatten icon monitoring

Makes HVAC design even easier.

Watermetering data for billing at your desk

Enabling remote reading requires a valid VertoData service agreement. With the VertoData service, you leave the data connections and maintenance of the system to Verto. Verto takes care of the acquisition of the VertoData customer's data subscription, the maintenance of the subscription, the invoicing of the monthly fee and ensures the functionality of the data transfer.

With the VertoData service, you have access to the VertoLive service, which compiles water consumption data into an easy-to-view summaery. The service also alerts you when it detects leaks or unusual consumption. From VertoLive, water consumption data can be transferred to the billing system via a software-compatible transfer file or interface solution.

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