Main meter water monitoring tech

Smartvatten's main meter service monitors, measures, and analyzes your properties' water consumption in real-time. With the most accurate water data on the market, you'll optimize your water efficiency and workflow, detect leaks, and prevent serious damage.


Main water meter monitoring - digital water solution

Key benefits

Monitoring with pad

Conserve Water
Efficiently reduce water use in your properties while maintaining comfort.

Reduce spending

Cut Costs
Average savings of 20% on water expenses, plus more time for your team.

Water and hands

Enhance Sustainability
Develop water efficiency strategies to meet your environmental targets.  

Real Estate ESG

More certification points
Our system helps gain extra points for BREEAM, GRESB, LEED certifications.

Water consumption insights & advanced leak detection 

Get a thorough understanding of your real estate portfolio's water use by measuring and analyzing the consumption in your properties. With real-time monitoring, you can analyze the data up to the minute, and be alerted to leaks as soon as they happen. Increase your asset value, prevent waste, and save resources – the planet’s and your own.  


Streamlined Optical Reader for Immediate Data Access
Our optical reader, designed for both analog and digital water meters, offers real-time data access with effortless installation. This plug-and-play solution enables customers to easily set it up in just 5 minutes. Once operational, it sends frequent meter readings without the need for local networks or external connections, ensuring continuous and efficient monitoring.

Monitoring Hardware
Hub mobile and laptop


Advanced Software for Automated Reporting
Our software intelligently configures itself to process optical readings into actionable data points. It employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze the information, providing users with regular reports and automatic leak alerts. This automated process ensures a high level of accuracy and timely insights for effective water management.



Dedicated Assistance for Optimized Water Usage
We are committed to helping customers understand their water data for informed decision-making. Our integrated approach combines device data and software analytics to minimize leakage risks and provide detailed insights into water consumption. Our Customer Success Team offers expert guidance on leak prevention, consumption reporting, and leveraging our service for certifications.


Customer service
API Integration with Smartvatten Hub


Comprehensive API Integrations for Data Sharing
Understanding the importance of data integration, we offer extensive API integrations with over 65 energy monitoring and control systems. This allows for seamless data transfer to your existing systems, enabling a consolidated platform for analyzing and interpreting your water and energy data. Our focus is on simplifying the management of water data, providing a comprehensive overview of your systems for efficient and informed decision-making.



Streamlined Water Management: Advanced Analytics and Expert Support

Smartvatten delivers an integrated solution for water management, encompassing advanced leakage analysis and a complete overview of your property portfolio. Our services extend to providing intuitive reports, robust benchmarking capabilities, and thorough analyses of both costs and CO2 emissions associated with water usage. Complemented by professional support, our approach ensures comprehensive and informed water resource management.

All these features converge in our innovative Smartvatten HUB. This enhanced portal presents a unified view, offering a distinctive and consolidated overview of all your water management data.


Smartvatten's sub-metering solution enables precise monitoring and measurement of water consumption for each individual apartment within a property. This facilitates accurate and equitable billing, tailored to the actual water usage of each household or apartment.


Smartvatten Connector

Smartvatten Connector is our smart solution for connecting existing remotely read water meters to our platform. Data is connected by either our own gateway, or API integration. With Connector, your water consumption data is always available and up to date in our real-time browser-based cloud service. 


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