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Main metering to
measure, analyze & save

More than 15.000 properties are already measuring their water consumption with Smartvatten’s main meter service. The service enables you to monitor, measure and analyze your property’s water consumption, detect leaks, and prevent water damage. Our Customer Success team helps you to better understand your data and optimize your property’s water efficiency.

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Industry-leading main metering services in real-time, online

Save resources

Real-time data and a better understanding of water help you save water, energy and money, and prevent leaks.

Ease your workload

Increase efficiency with automated readings, reporting, analysis, and insights.

Scale to your needs

Our scalable service and smart API integrations help meet your water efficiency goals.

Meet your ESG goals

Get ESG points for certifications and build a sustainable water efficiency strategy.

Lead with data & insight

Get uniform water data and keep track of water systems and water consumption in real-time.


We track and analyze the entire property's consumption, and alert you to any anomalies or leaks in the system.

The main meter service monitors the water consumption of your property. Our device is an optical Plug and Play reader, installed on your property’s water meter.

The device digitizes your water readings and records your water consumption in real-time. The device is directly linked to our cloud-based software.

How does our software work?

Our software automatically configures based on the optical readings it receives, converts them into data points, and immediately starts analyzing the data it collects based on algorithms. It provides you with regular reports and automatic leak alerts.

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How does our service work?

Our aim is to help our customers gain a better understanding of their water data and make informed decisions based on that information. Our equipment and software measure and analyze your water consumption to minimize the risk of leaks and provide insight into your water use and systems. If leaks or anomalies are detected, our Customer Success team will help you locate and solve these leaks to prevent water damage. 

Our API integrations

Are you already measuring other variables, such as energy and gas, in your buildings? We can share your water consumption data with almost any other system through an API interface.

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Why choose
our service?

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It’s user-friendly

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It collects real-time data

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It works on almost any water meter worldwide

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It accommodates many API integrations

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It scores points for BREEAM and GRESB certifications

Frequently asked questions

Need more information? Check out the frequently asked main metering questions and answers from our experts. 

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