Clear water insight for water utilities

Smartvatten’s real-time water distribution analytics are here to cleverly optimize and develop your services. 

With our groundbreaking technology and user-friendly digital services, managing large water supply networks becomes much faster and more efficient.

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Lead with
real-time data and AI 

Visualize, analyze, and prioritize your operations and maintenance more efficiently than ever. Our machine learning detects possible leaks, blockages and other anomalies, helping you save time, money, and the environment.





Ease your

By highlighting problems and enabling quicker response times, Smartvatten Neuro helps workflow optimization, while ensuring that your water networks are operating at peak efficiency.

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Consumption procents

Optimize your

Early problem detection is crucial in saving money and resources. By detecting issues early on, you can take action before they become major problems, avoiding costly damage, pollution, repairs, and downtime.

Save the planet

Preventing hazardous overflows and leaks mitigates environmental damage and helps to maintain the well-being of our blue planet.

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Included in
Smartvatten Neuro

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Customized scaled solution for the size of your network

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Comprehensive customer service
& guidance

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Onboarding  for new users

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Automatic software updates

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Regular development
& follow-up meetings

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Head of Sales

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Account Manager - Smartvatten Neuro, Germany

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Account Manager - Smartvatten Neuro, Sweden

Petter Kohonen

Account Manager - Smartvatten Neuro, Sweden & Norway

Tuomas Koskinen

Sales Director - Smartvatten Neuro, Global

Alisha Haugabook

Account Manager - Smartvatten Neuro, Germany

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