Smartvatten’s Releases Annual Water Report 2023 And Shares Insights Into Properties’ Water Consumption  

For a long time, water was no more than an afterthought when it came to ESG strategies in the real estate sector. In part, that was because water has been relatively inexpensive compared to electricity. But that is changing. Awareness of the importance and value of water is growing as we increasingly have to deal with droughts and prices are on the rise across the continent. At Smartvatten, we believe that water management will be one of the defining issues of our generation. 

Founded in 2013, Smartvatten facilitates real-time remote monitoring, measuring and management of water consumption across the entire water cycle from water utilities to  the real estate sector around the world with a simple device, smart software, and high-quality analysis. We share our full-service water efficiency expertise worldwide, aiming to raise awareness and contribute to the sustainable use of water around the globe. 

Water Scarcity and Water Prices on the Rise 
Water scarcity is becoming more and more of a problem. The summer of 2022 was particularly challenging: it turned out to be the driest summer in 500 years. The accompanying drought conditions prompted several European nations to take action and implement strategies to mitigate the impact. 
Prices will go up when demand increases for a limited resource. Increased demand means water companies all over the world are obliged to invest in production and infrastructure – leading to even more costs, reflected both directly in the price of water and indirectly through increasing taxes. For the real estate sector, the combined cost of the water supply, heating water, and the sanitation system is already one of the biggest costs of property management. That makes monitoring and managing your water consumption and implementing a clear water strategy not only a good choice for a sustainable future, but also a financially responsible one. 

Enhancing Water Efficiency for the blue planet 
Working on water efficiency is both about reducing unnecessary waste of water and making water consumption more sustainable by focusing on responsible solutions for the use and supply of water. Smartvatten helps you with monitoring, measuring, and analyzing consumption, leak detection, implementing water-saving measures, and optimizing your system and installations, enabling you to significantly reduce your water footprint and water bill. 
Annual Water Report 2023 out now 
In order to become water efficient, we need accurate information and insight into our consumption. Through monitoring, measuring, and analyzing the water consumption of leading companies in more than 15.000 properties and 200.000 appartments in 36 countries, Smartvatten now has the largest European collection of water data measured in real-time at professionally managed companies. 

With this veritable treasure trove of information, we have put together our second annual water report. We take a closer look at increasing water prices across Europe, discuss the rising water scarcity and droughts across the continent, go into what average water consumption looks like, and what that means for your portfolio's CO2 emissions. The overview of the average size and frequency of leaks also gives us useful information – as do the differences between property types. 

We hope this document will provide you with valuable insights about water consumption and what you can do to help contribute to a water efficient future. We look forward to hearing your input. 

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