Behind the Scenes: Recruiting for Growth

The success of the Smartvatten service does not just lie in its smart leak detection system or high-quality analyses – it’s because of our people, too. And our steady growth means that we’re constantly looking for new additions to our team. For Talent Acquisition, it’s all about finding the right fit for both Smartvatten and the candidate.

Smartvatten has been growing exponentially for some time now, and is constantly on the lookout for new talent in every department. That’s why we’ve recently brought on Claudia Cervantes, who is now heading up our newest department: Talent Acquisition.

As the first person in this position, Cervantes is really getting a chance to shape the process from start to finish. Where previously each team leader would have to find and assess potential new hires, she has now introduced and developed a clearer and more systematic step-by-step recruitment process, as well as an assessment platform for certain positions that provides a better candidate experience. She will continue to refine both as she goes along by listening carefully to candidate wishes.

The Recruitment Process

After sending in a cv, a selection of candidates will get a chance to talk to Cervantes. She prefers a conversation to a cover letter, hearing directly about the candidate’s interests, motivations, and where they’re heading in their career. “It’s really a chance for you to shine,” Cervantes says. “In a way, I’m collaborating with the candidate to find the best talent for Smartvatten.” After that first phase, the second phase involves culture-fit related questions or an assessment, tailored to each individual team or department.

Then there’s the third phase, where candidates get a chance to find out more about the position and the company. During an Ask the Team Anything session, you can find out what an average day for the team looks like, talk about the challenges the department might face, or hear about their development goals. It shouldn’t just be about what’s great, but instead it should provide as realistic a picture about the working tasks possible so we can assist each other in mutual development, Cervantes stresses. Sharing the reality of the work is what helps find the right fit for both sides. “An honest picture of what you’re going to do and with whom you will work with,” she says. “You don’t buy a product based on someone telling you it’s good for you. You need to actually look at it, check references, get some guidance. The same thing applies here.”

The final phase is an interview with the team leader, and that’s something Cervantes is working on, too: helping the team leaders come up with tailored interviews based on the previous phases, so they get a well-rounded picture of the candidate.

Doing Impactful Work

What makes Smartvatten so appealing, Cervantes believes, is that it’s an international environment focused on collaboration with great colleagues to learn from, and full of opportunity for growth – this coming year alone, the company is preparing to hire 36 new people.

At Smartvatten, you’re not just a number. We’re invested in happy and engaged employees, and hold ourselves accountable. “We measure eNPS on a monthly basis, for example,” Cervantes says, “where employees can speak their mind so that we have a defined process for continuous development based on their feedback. And our eNPS rate is 4,33 out of 5!” We believe it’s important that this people-centred approach is reflected in our recruitment process. Overall, we’re committed to developing our products and services, our personnel, and our organization towards our goal of being the world’s leading provider of water-efficiency technology and expertise.

And if you’re passionate about sustainability and the environment, you’ll always find a position that allows you to contribute to those passions and utilize your enthusiasm. You’ll be able to not only find a great job for yourself, but do something great for our planet! And finally, you can even become an investor in the company.

For Cervantes herself, joining Smartvatten was exactly the right fit. “I found out all about the company’s history and this product that you don’t have anywhere else. I wanted to be part of an innovative, growing company like that!”

Want to know more about Smartvatten and what it’s like to work for us? Contact Claudia at