CapMan Real Estate is advancing water efficiency in partnership with Smartvatten

Improving water efficiency is an integral part of responsible property management for CapMan Real Estate, which measures the water consumption of its premises using the Smartvatten remote monitoring service. The company installed the system on its first properties in 2017. Today, the Smartvatten service analyses water consumption and detects leaks in more than a hundred CapMan premises in Finland and Sweden.

Water efficiency company Smartvatten and Nordic property investor CapMan Real Estate are strengthening their cooperation. Smartvatten’s remote monitoring service helps CapMan work towards more sustainable water and energy use and reduce costs arising from water consumption. In addition to cutting costs and risks, the system increases the value of the real estate portfolio managed by CapMan.


– With Smartvatten, the leak risks can be minimised. When leaks are identified in time, properties stay in better shape and retain their value. The service also helps us avoid possible moisture risks and poor indoor air quality. In addition, internationally comparable certificates verifying the effectiveness of water efficiency measures provide a competitive advantage and support us in managing sustainability risks, says Anna Rannisto, ESG Manager at CapMan Real Estate.

CapMan, owning assets in the major cities in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, installed the remote monitoring service on its first properties in 2017. Today, the system covers a total of 103 CapMan-owned premises.

– We have expanded the use of Smartvatten from properties in Finland to Sweden and are now looking to expand the system to Denmark, Rannisto says.

CapMan is currently renewing its sustainability strategy, in which water efficiency will also play an even more central role. With the Smartvatten solution, the company can monitor water efficiency targets automatically and in real time, 24 hours a day.

– The real estate sector has great potential to reduce water and energy consumption. Smartvatten wants to create a water-efficient future together with property owners by offering solutions that help manage responsible water use. In this matter, CapMan is a forerunner, and we are delighted to work with them, says Smartvatten’s Account Manager Marko Pitkänen.

CapMan Real Estate is a Nordic real estate investor, executing both value add and stable income-focused investment strategies across all major property sectors in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. CapMan Real Estate is part of CapMan Group, a leading Nordic private asset expert with an active approach to value creation. With over €4.9 billion in assets under management, CapMan’s objective is to provide attractive returns and innovative solutions to investors. We are dedicated to set science-based targets to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. Altogether, CapMan employs approximately 180 professionals in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, London and Luxembourg. We are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki since 2001.