Forenom now has control over their water consumption thanks to Smartvatten

Forenom  is the Nordic region’s leading serviced apartment provider with a strong focus on business customers. With just one call or click, Forenom offers fully serviced and furnished apartments, taking away the hassle of finding accomodation. They now offer over 6,500 serviced apartments across the Nordics, including hotels, hostels, and single apartments.

A simple water monitoring system

Forenom ordered its first Smartvatten device in 2015. “We thought: Let’s see if if it’s any help to our business,” said Forenom CEO Johannes Kangas.

“Now we have the control over our water.”

Kangas found the solution easy to use and set up. “Smartvatten is a simple thing,” said Kangas. “You can order it from their webshop and assemble it to your system, where you can measure how much water you are using.” They now use Smartvatten in twelve of their different properties.

“Now we have the control over our water,” said Kangas.

Smartvatten improves profitability and makes maintenance more efficient

Instead of fixing water leaks long after they occur, Forenom can now detect leaks without delay, and avoid costly construction work.

“Every month, we have leakages in our properties. We are getting alerts from Smartvatten and fixing them now in real time. Before, we were waiting for the invoice to come.”

The main benefits of Smartvatten are twofold: it’s improved Forenom’s profitability, and increased the company’s maintenance efficiency.

“We are getting alerts from Smartvatten and fixing them now in real time.”

“We can more easily budget how much water we will be using, so it has an effect on the profitability side,” said Kangas. “Also, the maintenance side will be more efficient, as we are not just running around doing the checking rounds, but we are going to fix the exact problems.”