Frasers Property Industrial Implements Smartvatten's Water Efficiency Technology Across Germany and the Netherlands

Frasers and Smartavtten cooperation

Frasers Property Industrial has chosen Smartvatten's services to monitor and analyze its assets in Germany and the Netherlands. By implementing smart water efficiency technology, the company is securing extra points on its ESG certifications and further cementing their reputation for industry-leading sustainability achievements.

Frasers Property Industrial, part of the global real estate and property management company Frasers Property Limited, is a market leader in the industrial and logistics property sectors with assets in Australia, Germany and Netherlands. They pride themselves on being a frontrunner in sustainability efforts, aiming to provide a smart, seamless, and sustainable property journey for their clients. 

Smartvatten, the leading supplier of water efficiency technology and expertise in Northern Europe, monitors and analyzes water consumption in real-time in real estate across Europe with smart devices and software. The company shares its full-service water efficiency expertise worldwide, aiming to raise awareness and contribute to the sustainable use of water around the globe. 

Preventing waste and damage with real-time technology

To optimize the data collection for their annual GRESB assessment, Frasers Property Industrial was looking for technology to efficiently monitor their portfolio's water consumption and leaks. Water data coverage is an important of sustainable reporting, but collecting quality water data from every asset was difficult and time-consuming. Preventing waste and protecting local water resources was another important motivation.

Smartvatten turned out to be a perfect fit for Frasers Property Industrials requirements: they provide the most accurate water data on the market, and their service is automated, remote, affordable, and easy to scale. The team's ongoing expert guidance, throughout every client partnership, was also a plus. And while at first the leak detection system seemed like just a bonus feature, it has since become very important.

For example after implementation, two ongoing invisible leaks were detected and resolved. At one site, a faulty valve in the sprinkler control center led to a significant amount of waste. Smartvatten's direct leak alert brought the issue to their attention and helped prevent further waste. For another asset, several leaks were reported after installation of the Smartvatten device. Reviewing data in the online portal showed that there was a lot of water consumption outside of the usual working hours. After an extensive search, a leak was found in the water pipes underneath the building's foundation. Not only did this stop further waste and water costs, but it also likely prevented significant water damage to the building. 

From successful pilot to portfolio-wide implementation

After a successful pilot project in the Netherlands started in July of 2021, Frasers Property Industrial opted to expand to include the rest of their portfolio in Germany in 2022. 

"The cooperation with Smartvatten was and is highly professional and extremely customer-oriented," says Alexander Heubes, Managing Director Europe at Frasers Property Industrial. "Together we have had a successful journey and we look forward to further collaboration."

Working with Frasers Property Industrial has been great according to Alex Forcella, Key Account Manager Benelux at Smartvatten. "Not only is it their goal to increase GRESB-scoring to 5 stars and green-certify 80% of their owned and asset-managed properties by 2024," says Forcella, "but they are also committed to effective water management and developing best-practice water standards. And we're excited to contribute to those goals."

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