HSY uses Smartvatten Neuro for its Waste Water Management

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Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY) is Finland's largest water and wastewater utility, serving 1.6 million people. It operates over 600 pumping stations and manages more than 3,000 kilometers of water and wastewater networks. 
Finding the right tools for operational management and efficient planning was challenging in such a vast network.

After several years of searching for a solution, HSY realized that the best approach would be to develop one in collaboration with a reliable partner, Smartvatten Neuro (formerly known as Neuroflux when the collaboration began in 2016). 

The Goal 
HSY  primary objective was to develop a tool to detect network blockages promptly, as these often lead to overflows. Previously, they would only discover blocked inlet pipes during major maintenance or from reports by citizens. With Neuro, HSY now receives timely alerts, enabling its team to quickly investigate and resolve issues. 

Why HSY Chose Smartvatten Neuro 
HSY had been searching for a tool like Smartvatten Neuro for a long time. After evaluating various options, they found no suitable supplier, prompting Smartvatten for Water Utilities to embark on developing a solution with the Smartvatten team. 

Key Challenges 
Following the implementation of the service, their response time decreased from 2 months to just a week—an impressive improvement. The aim was to utilize an analytics tool for automated data analysis of their wastewater network. Instead of manually analyzing 1,000 time series, HSY now benefits from automation that processes and visualizes data efficiently. 

How Smartvatten Neuro Enhances Daily Operations 
Olli, the HSY Maintenance Supervisor, highlights the significant improvements Neuro has brought to his daily tasks. 

"When I start my computer, my first task is to check alerts for blockages, leaks, and other abnormalities. The system prioritizes alerts requiring attention, reducing response times to mere minutes," explains Olli. 

Perttu, our Development Engineer, uses Neuro weekly to assess capacity, new network connections, and trends related to increased water volume. 

"I focus on capacity management, network expansion, and validating increased water volumes through Neuron. We analyze current flows, pumping station capacities, and identify leakage areas to guide further investigations," says Perttu. 

Implementation of Smartvatten Neuro 
The adoption of Smartvatten Neuro was smooth, with minimal resistance. Training was straightforward, and monitoring meetings required only a few hours per week due to the software's user-friendly nature. 

Current Priorities and Smartvatten Neuro's Contribution 
HSY dedicated leak reduction team has achieved several annual goals with Smartvatten Neuro's assistance. They've successfully improved the percentage of wastewater leakages and set new performance targets. 

"We use Smartvatten Neuro in conjunction with our maintenance system, sharing data seamlessly. The service empowers us to respond effectively to network maintenance inquiries," notes Olli. Perttu emphasizes Smartvatten Neuro's holistic approach to system management. 

Service Ratings 
Both Olli and Perttu highly value Smartvatten Neuro's contributions to HSY. 

"Neuro has evolved significantly, providing us with more data and improved visualizations. The convenience of monitoring multiple pumps simultaneously using pie charts is invaluable. I rate Smartvatten's service 9/10," commends Olli. 

"I appreciate the Smartvatten Neuro team's responsiveness and our dedicated Slack environment for feedback and support. While not all ideas are implemented immediately, the Neuro team consistently delivers. I rate their service 9/10," praises Perttu. 

Both stress the importance of regular monitoring meetings for staying informed and proactive. 

Long-Term Goals and Future Outlook 
HSY top priority is to eliminate overflows and reduce leakage. The pumping team aims for zero overflows with Neuro's ongoing support. Perttu emphasizes the need for continual improvements in data quality and to emphasize the importance of not just having functional pipes but understanding their performance metrics. 
In conclusion, their focus remains on addressing leakage issues effectively in the medium term. 

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