NAS Invest and Smartvatten: Streamlining the collection of meter readings and leak alerts

smartvatten x NAS invest

NAS Invest promotes building sustainability by digitizing main water meters and decarbonization targets with Smartvatten. By implementing the Smartvatten service, NAS Invest strengthens its commitment to sustainability and enables a better work-life balance for its property managers through remote meter monitoring.

NAS Invest is an independent investment platform that manages real assets on behalf of its institutional and private investors. The fully integrated investment platform offers tailor-made investment solutions to professional investors. NAS Invest constantly seeks risk-adjusted returns in it's target investment markets and ensures an efficient and institutionalized workflow through it's fully integrated investment platform and it's corporate and operational functions, processes and standards.

ESG as the foundation for an integrated asset management approach

ESG is part of NAS Invest's culture, organization and every investment they make. Before investing in real estate, they carefully screen opportunities for their ESG impact, with a clear focus on decarbonization, diversity and good governance, and only invest in assets that have a high transformational potential according to ESG standards.

Water plays an important role in achieving the ESG goals. Collecting water data from the properties was a recurring and time-consuming task, especially for the property managers.
NAS Invest has therefore set itself the goal of streamlining data collection in its buildings and reducing the workload for property managers and facility teams, improving not only the sustainability of their portfolio but also the facility managers work-life balance. Smartvatten was a perfect fit for Nas Invest's requirements. 

Prevent water damage and increased work-life balance for employees with real-time technology

Smartvatten specializes in digitizing water meters without changing the infrastructure, providing accurate consumption data and real-time leak detection.

With over 20,000 properties and 200,000 apartments monitored by our service, we maximize efficiency, not only saving millions of liters of water and detecting over 50,000 water leaks annually, but also contributing to financial savings through optimized water use and management. Smartvatten enables customers to earn points towards green building certifications such as BREEAM, GRESB, DGNB and LEED. And the fully digitized service gives Nas Invest's property managers more time to focus on proactive maintenance, allowing them to achieve a better work-life balance.

The collaboration with Smartvatten began with a pilot and will shortly be extended to more properties in the portfolio. 

Monitoring water main meters and detecting leaks adds significant value to NAS Invest's and its property and facility teams by saving time and resources in several ways:

Rolf Drechsel, NAS Invest Real Estate Manager: "We at NAS Invest are permanently improving our assets. With Smartvatten we have water sustainability covered. The quick response, simple contract design and easy installation of the team's devices make Smartvatten the ideal partner for us when it comes to water sustainability. Many thanks to Smartvatten for the good cooperation. We look forward to further joint projects."

Ali Salman, Smartvatten Global Account Manager: "At Smartvatten, we're dedicated to revolutionizing water management for our clients. With our innovative technology, we empower property managers to save water, reduce costs, and detect leaks seamlessly. Our solution not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to sustainability goals, earning valuable certifications along the way. We're committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives while making a positive impact on the environment. Let's work together to build a more sustainable future!"

Would you also like to measure the water consumption of your property in real time and thus save water and money? Contact us today!