New Marketing Manager Carolin Schroeder Ready to Roll Out Smartvatten in Germany

Starting in the beginning of January, Carolin Schroeder is Smartvatten’s new Growth Marketing Manager for Germany. She’s excited to get started and convince the German public of Smartvatten’s value. “With the current electricity prices and recent experience with drought in Germany, the time is right.”

Schroeder has a master’s degree in Media Culture and Media Economics, and most recently worked as a junior marketing project manager for a software company in electrical engineering. She studied in three countries and speaks four languages – besides German and English, she’s well-versed in Spanish and Swedish and has recently taken up learning Norwegian. Her combined skills in languages, economics and media will benefit her in her new position, she believes. “I can calculate a budget but also be creative at the same time,” she says.

As Growth Marketing Manager, Schroeder will be responsible for the rollout of the Smartvatten service in Germany. Having worked for well-established, bigger companies so far, she’s looking forward to working with a scale-up and diving into a new market for Smartvatten. The company especially appealed to her because of its simplicity. “Such a simple but genius product,” Schroeder says. “Why didn’t anyone think of it sooner?” The other reason Smartvatten appeals, like for many colleagues, is its sustainability. “We all want to save the planet!”

Right Time for Germany

“German people like to have a lot of information before they get into something,” she says. “That’s why I plan to focus on informing the market as much as possible and make clear that Smartvatten really is the expert on this topic.” With plenty of informative content and success stories from all over Europe, and actively connecting with potential clients in person, she’s sure this new market will be convinced of Smartvatten’s value.

The current crisis in the costs of electricity combined with the recent period of severe droughts in Germany also means that the timing is right to start Smartvatten’s German rollout. “The really dry summer led to a water shortage, even in areas like Bavaria, where there’s usually a lot of water, and that shows we really need to focus on water efficiency.”

A few quick questions to Carolin Schroeder

Favorite food – Käsespätzle. It’s like a soft doughy pasta with a lot of cheese. It’s probably 3000 calories per bite, but it’s really worth it.

How to recharge – I’m an enthusiastic knitter. I channel my inner grandma, and I’m currently working on Norwegian sweaters.

Best thing in life ­–  To be able to spend time with family and friends in nature. I live really close to the mountains and my parents would always take me there when I was growing up.

Secret talent – I used to play the guitar for more than twenty years, and even recorded some albums which I then shared with friends. Now I have 7 or 8 guitars at home that I don’t even use anymore!

What you didn’t know about Carolin – I like extreme trekking tours, like a 100 kilometer hike in 24 hours, or walking for three weeks with 25 kilograms in your backpack. A tour I really want to do is St. Olaf’s Way in Norway.