Smartvatten is ingenious in its simplicity

Tuomas Igoni, the Property Manager of Senate Properties, the largest property owner in Finland, would install Envera’s Smartvatten system into all of their properties immediately if it was up to him.

In June 2016, Senate Properties, the largest property owner in Finland, began testing Envera’s Smartvatten service in ten of their properties. All of the state-owned properties, from museums to police stations are managed by Senate Properties. In total, that means 9,700 properties. Property Manager Tuomas Igoni is responsible for three of the Smartvatten test sites.

Igoni explains the premise of the cooperation: “Water leaks cost a lot, especially if water leaks into the structures. For several years, we had been thinking about ways to monitor water consumption in a reasonable manner, but had not found a potential solution. Then we were contacted by Envera, who showed us the Smartvatten remote monitoring system. We realized that this could be a workable solution for us and began testing the system.”

“If it were up to me, the system would be immediately installed into all of our properties”

Igoni praises the simple idea of remotely monitoring water meters which he had not seen previously.

“The solution is ingenious in its simplicity. We see the same readings as the water company and a situation where the numbers differ from each other is impossible. I am surprised that a system like this has not been invented before. Envera has taken an old problem and looked at it from a new perspective, coming up with a solution.”

The cooperation between Senate Properties and Smartvatten will definitely continue, at least in the locations where the system is already in place. In the future, the cooperation could expand significantly, at least if Igoni has his say on the matter.

“If it was up to me, the system would be installed into all of our properties. Immediately. The financial investment to the Smartvatten service is minor in comparison to the benefits it provides.”

Simple and easy electronic system

With the Smartvatten remote monitoring service, Senate Properties can monitor water consumption and its anomalies in real time. Maintenance workers no longer have to read water meters on-site as the water consumption information is automatically recorded into Senate’s electronic maintenance log. Igoni does not need separate IDs or passwords for the system.

“Smartvatten receives special thanks for integrating the meter readings directly into our electronic maintenance log. Transferring the data from one system to another would be laborious. Additionally, we don’t need separate IDs and passwords to the system. I already have four pages of IDs and passwords for different systems so I don’t need any more,” Igoni says with a smile.

“Water leaks in our properties can have fatal consequences – not just financially.”

In Igoni’s opinion, the most important aspect of the Smartvatten system is the leak alert function. If additional consumption appears on top of the base load, for example at nighttime, the system produces an alert and the leak can be located quickly. Acting quickly can lead to significant savings.

“In our properties with cultural historic significance, for example, museums, water leaks can have fatal consequences. Not everything can be measured in money. If water leaks happen, we now have the opportunity to react quickly to them. Even preventing one major case of water damage and minimizing the damage would cover the investment made into the system,” Igoni concludes.