Smartvatten & MoZaïC Asset Management: Advancing Water Efficiency in Healthcare Real Estate


In a recent move towards advancing their sustainability efforts, MoZaïC Asset Management, a prominent player in European healthcare real estate, has teamed up with Smartvatten | Understanding Water to implement cutting-edge water efficiency technology. This collaboration underscores MoZaïC's deep commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and reflects a strategic shift towards data-driven sustainability in property management.

MoZaïC Asset Management specializes in healthcare facilities such as senior housing, nursing homes, clinics, and nurseries. With ESG principles at the core of its management philosophy, MoZaïC understands the critical role of responsible resource management in achieving sustainable operations.

Water management emerged as a focal point in MoZaïC's sustainability strategy, prompting them to seek innovative solutions for real-time water monitoring and leak detection. The transition from analog to digital water metering through Smartvatten's water efficiency service marks a pivotal step towards optimizing water usage and minimizing environmental impact across MoZaïC's real estate portfolio.

Stefane Hedont-Hartmann, representing MoZaïC Asset Management, underscores the importance of water stewardship: "Water is a critical aspect of our sustainability efforts, and its responsible management aligns with our commitment to ESG principles." By leveraging Smartvatten's technology, MoZaïC gains access to real-time data collection, enabling early detection of irregularities and proactive intervention to prevent water wastage and building damage due to leaks.

Ali Salman, Global Key Account Manager at Smartvatten, highlights the synergy between their solution and MoZaïC's sustainability objectives: "Our solution aligns perfectly with MoZaïC Asset Management's long-term goal to minimize water-related risks and promote sustainable property management."

mazaic installation
Stefane Hedont-Hartmann from MoZaïC Asset Management didn't miss the opportunity to install the Smartvatten hardware himself

This strategic partnership exemplifies the transformative impact of leveraging technology to drive sustainability initiatives within the real estate sector. By embracing digital innovation, MoZaïC Asset Management demonstrates leadership in integrating ESG considerations into operational practices, ultimately fostering a greener and more resilient built environment.

The collaboration between MoZaïC Asset Management and Smartvatten not only enhances operational efficiency but also underscores the potential for technology-driven solutions to address complex sustainability challenges. As the demand for responsible real estate practices continues to grow, initiatives like this serve as a beacon of progress towards a more sustainable future in healthcare real estate and beyond.