Smartvatten prevents excessive costs for Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa

Smartvatten prevents excessive costs

One of the leading conference and spa hotels in Finland, Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa, has collaborated with Smartvatten since the spring of 2017. Smartvatten’s smart water leak detection system monitors the hotel’s water consumption constantly and alarms the staff if consumption gets unusually high.

Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa has been awarded with the European Hotel Managers Association, EHMA’s Sustainability Award. Recently the hotel was certified by the Green Key sustainability program. The hotel’s CEO Juha Mähönen and COB Veikko Vuoristo think that sustainability should be one of the core values of every hotel business. Smartvatten helps Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa to be more sustainable.

CEO Juha Mähönen and COB Veikko Vuoristo of Haikon Kartano

“We have been using Smartvatten’s system for about a year now, and we are extremely pleased with how it works,” says Mähönen, who is also a Councilor and National Delegate in EHMA.

Potential savings are huge

“I consider Smartvatten as a kind of insurance. We pay a nominal fee for the service and I know that if a water leakage occurs, it is spotted immediately,” Vuoristo mentions.

Smartvatten’s remote leak detector monitors and documents the consumption of water so that the hotel’s employees do not have to do it manually anymore. In large properties like hotels, even small leakages can be very expensive. An undetected leak in a toilet can cost up to 1,000 euros a year.

“Often leakages are so small that they cannot be seen by the eye, but Smartvatten is able to spot them. The potential savings are huge,” Vuoristo reasons.

The system is easy to use

Mähönen and Vuoristo would recommend Smartvatten to any hotel. In addition to the savings, they have found the system to be very easy to use.

“I am especially pleased with Smartvatten because the whole system was so easily implemented. Our water consumption is now monitored efficiently around the clock,” Mähönen concludes.

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