THE SQUAIRE in Frankfurt am Main is one of the landmarks of the German banking metropolis. It is a place that connects and where sustainability is paramount. Thanks to Smartvatten's water efficiency service, the formerly analog main water meters at THE SQUAIRE can now be read digitally. Irregularities are detected and passed on directly, and building damage due to leaks and water wastage is thus counteracted. Smartvatten's client is Sonar Real Estate, the asset manager of the impressive properties.

ESG as the foundation for holistic asset management.

ESG is an integral part of Sonar Real Estate's philosophy and the company takes responsibility for its actions - economically, environmentally and socially. This includes holistic stewardship of the properties entrusted to them as asset managers. And water plays an important role in Sonar Real Estate's sustainability efforts. 

 "Water is an important resource that should not be wasted. Moreover, water can cause significant economic damage if, for example, a supply line is damaged or leaks unnoticed. We want to prevent this and be able to react immediately in the event of damage," said Holger Hosang, one of the managing directors of Sonar Real Estate. "With digital monitoring of the main water meters, we achieve faster response times and significantly reduce the amount of personnel and time required."

Unified water data for a more sustainable future

With the goal of avoiding economic damage and saving water, Sonar Real Estate sought an innovative solution that would provide real-time water monitoring and leak detection in a simple and practical way without incurring significant costs. Traditional analog water meters had to be read manually, resulting in time-consuming data collection and delayed leak detection. By working with Smartvatten as a trusted partner, Sonar Real Estate can now address these critical challenges. 

Smartvatten offers unified water data as a service, which covers the entire water cycle and helps property owners save precious water, valuable time and money. The comprehensive solution offers a decentralized and efficient approach to water monitoring, which allows to gain real-time insights into the water consumption patterns of individual building units. By proactively identifying deviations in water consumption, leakage and potential inefficiencies can be addressed immediately, reducing the risk of building damage and saving valuable resources. A benefit not only for asset managers, but also for owners and tenants.

Joint work on a water-efficient THE SQUAIRE

The collaboration with Sonar Real Estate began in June 2023, and the extensive water pipe network in "THE SQUAIRE" - with many miles of pipes - provided an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of Smartvatten's real-time water monitoring system and we look forward to working closely with Sonar Real Estate on this task. 

 "At Smartvatten, we are proud to work with Sonar Real Estate and support them in their commitment to a sustainable ESG strategy," said Ali Salman, Global Key Account Manager at Smartvatten. "Our solution fits perfectly with Sonar Real Estate's long-term goal to minimize water-related risks and promote sustainable property management.”

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About Smartvatten: 

Smartvatten is the leading provider of water efficiency technologies in Northern Europe. The company develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for the real estate and water utility sectors, covering the entire water cycle. The company was founded in 2013 and today employs more than 120 people in eight countries who are passionate, knowledgeable, collaborative and responsible about solving the global water crisis.

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