Monitoring the consumption of water has caught leaks worth thousands of euros

Smartvatten’s remote monitoring measures the consumption of water in over a hundred Varma premises. Remote monitoring service that tracks the main water meter was first used in a couple of Varma’s residential real estate, after which it was spread to all of them. In 2020, Smartvatten’s remote monitoring service was extended to cover Varma’s office buildings, too.

Matti Lindfors, Real Estate Manager of Varma apartments says that the cooperation with Smartvatten cautiously started with a trial whose results were surprising.

“During the monitoring of the first 10 properties, we already caught small leaks that, if gone undetected, would have caused additional expenses worth over 3000 euros in a month. These leaks would not have been noticed without the remote monitoring services. As we received an increasing number of good results, we began to calculate how much we could save in our other properties with the help of one service.”

Lindfors, responsible for the entirety of Varma’s residential properties, recommends Smartvatten’s remote monitoring services for the clear costs reduction.

"With the help of remote monitoring of the consumption of water, we have succeeded in motivating end users to use water more sustainably, spare from the so-called useless consumption of water, and enhance our ESG goals"

Monitoring the consumption of water has caught leaks worth thousands of euros

“Smartvatten is beneficial for many sorts of residential buildings and office properties, for the service brings benefits within both a short and long timespan. In the case of possible leaks, Smartvatten will alarm you fast and accurately, and the consumption of water can be followed in its entirety from the energy monitoring system.”

Monitoring the consumption of water motivates end users to save water in their everyday lives

Clear communication to end users is an important part of the customs of Varma’s energy efficiency.

Smartvatten’s measurements have helped to demonstrate how water is spent daily and how it could be easily saved.

“Many people living in apartment complexes do not realise that they can consume up to 200 liters of water on an ordinary day. With the help of reports and consumption curves, we have been able to provide the residents with useful information regarding the consumption and saving of water. It motivates them to spare from their water usage when they see the clear connection between their consumption and the costs.

Informing the residents about responsible water usage will be developed more in the future based on the data provided by Smartvatten.

“We are developing a system in the residential buildings with the help of which we can give end users tips on saving water and energy better than before. This way it is easier for the residents to use them in practice,” Lindfors says.

Sustainable and cost-efficient use of water is here to stay, and that’s where Smartvatten is the right partner for you

In the property sector, Varma is known as the vanguard of energy efficiency, and sustainable technology is widely utilised in the company’s properties. In fact, Lindfors sees a clear connection between water-saving technology as well as the cost-efficient and environmental-friendly use of water.

“The growing importance of water consumption is a clear trend in the property sector. Water’s proportion in the management and heating expenses of properties has grown in recent years and judging by the signs, the direction will remain the same. That’s why it is wise to seek out modern ways to save water today, for this way long-term savings can be achieved.

“On top of that, rationalising the consumption of water is important for the environment, as it is connected to, for instance, the usage of district heating and carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore it is crucial to know the exact numbers of one’s water usage and possible consumption anomalies so that its usage can be made more sustainable,” Lindfors emphasises.

Matti Lindfors, Real Estate Manager of Varma apartments

In addition, remote monitoring shows how efficient the procedures of saving water are with concrete numbers.

“When we have precise data on both water measurement and the history following it, there is no question about the effects of the savings-related policies,” Lindfors sums it up.

Next step is to make the properties water efficient with Smartvatten water saving service which will lead to an average of 20% savings in water consumption and 5% reduction in heating energy. This will reduce also CO2 emissions remarkably.

Varma’s properties

  • Varma owns approximately 4000 real estate as well as tens of offices and other premises in Finland.
  • Market value of investments: 45.3 bn €
  • The goals of energy efficiency are a crucial part of the business: carbon dioxide emissions are reduced with, for example, sustainable solutions regarding electricity, water, and construction.
  • Varma has pledged to have 10 % energy savings in its premises from 2017 to 2025.

Read more about Varma’s sustainability here.

Smartvatten’s remote monitoring service

  • Used in over 7000 properties in Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, and the USA.
  • Smartvatten’s remote monitoring service follows the water meter of real estate in real-time. The service sends out data on consumption anomalies and has an automatic alarm system.
  • Remote monitoring service helps in detecting leaks immediately.
  • The data can be transferred to up to 40 different energy monitoring systems with API interface.

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