World Wetlands Day 2023: It’s time for wetland restoration

February 2nd marks the annual UN World Wetlands Day. Despite the critical role these ecosystems play in our planet’s livelihoods, climate, and economy, they are at risk of massive decline. The theme of this year’s World Wetlands Day is therefore: “It’s time for wetland restoration”. Our mission at Smartvatten is to help solve the global water crisis. On World Wetlands Day we take the time to learn about how every aspect of our life is connected to water, how we ultimately are depending on healthy wetland ecosystems to source it from, and how our water-efficiency technology can contribute to the UN goal to restore these crucial ecosystems.

Important for the planet’s livelihood and climate

Wetlands are ecosystems where water is the most important factor controlling the environment, such as lakes, rivers, or deltas. Although they cover only 6% of the Earth’s land surface, more than 40% of the world’s animals and plants live and breed in wetlands. For humans, wetlands play a vital role in health, food supply, and industry.

According to the United Nations, one in eight people on Earth depend on wetland ecosystems and their essential services such as water regulation, flood control, and water purification for their livelihoods.  

At the same time, wetland ecosystems are equally important for combating climate change. Wetlands are often called the “kidneys of the earth” because they slow global warming by storing carbon dioxide and reducing pollution.

The rapid decline of crucial ecosystems

Although wetlands play such an important role in the Earth’s climate and livelihoods, they have declined massively over the past years. In fact, 35% of the world’s wetlands have been lost since 1970. Wetlands are among the hardest hit by decline, loss, and degradation – disappearing three times faster than forests for example – due to drainage, filling for agriculture, or pollution – with serious consequences!

The loss of wetlands means the loss of a natural buffer against the effects of floods, droughts, or hurricanes, a worsening of poverty, and an increasing threat to our economy, be it for freight shipping on rivers like the Rhine, cooling power plants or production facilities with water from wetlands or securing the production of agricultural products.  

That’s why this year’s theme for World Wetlands Day is “It’s time for wetland restoration.” And the first step towards the restoration is creating awareness about the issue and its connections to our livelihood. Because we can only solve something when we are aware of the challenge. 

Putting water efficiency and water responsibility at the center

At Smartvatten, water is at the center of everything we do – being a growing supplier of water efficiency technology in Northern Europe. Even though we truly believe that every one of us can contribute on a personal level – by turning off the tab, collecting and reusing water, or installing water-saving meters – the biggest impact to solve the global water crisis comes from governments and enterprises. The real estate sector plays a big part in the world’s water consumption – and can contribute a great part when managing water responsibly.  

Smartvatten helps real estate and water utilities clients with insights into their consumption, advice on how to reduce this consumption, and leak detection – covering the entire water cycle. 

We provide the tools and services to become water efficient and use water responsibly. Our team is continuously working to find even more accessible and user-friendly ways to achieve water efficiency and prevent the unnecessary waste of precious, clean water.  


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