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How it all started

Making Every Drop Count

At Smartvatten, we work to save hundreds of millions of liters of water every year. To achieve that goal, we believe knowledge is key. That's why our products and services for the real estate sector and water utilities cover the entire water cycle. Every day, we work toward a future where clean water is valued and its responsible use is an ongoing, worldwide effort. Together with our clients, we want to make sure every drop counts.



Smartvatten's Visionary Solution for Water Management

In 2013, Smartvatten was just starting out as a producer of energy certificates for property owners in Finland. It didn't take long for us to realize that we – along with most of our clients – were overlooking something important in our sustainability efforts. Water. Excessive use and waste of water was a critical issue for most property owners, but there were no real solutions or strategies to remedy this problem. We wondered: Could there be a smart, turn-key solution to start saving water?  


The answer was clear

We refocused our efforts and started small. By providing simple devices, like water-saving shower heads, taps and toilets, adjusting water pressure and fixing leaks, we were able to save our clients 20% on their water bill, on average. In our first year alone, we grew out to be the market leader in Finland.  


Smartvatten's Tech Revolution for Effortless Water Consumption Monitoring

But getting the data we needed to provide detailed reports on the type of savings we were achieving turned out to be an ongoing struggle. Most data had to be collected manually, with maintenance personnel having to drive all over to read and record the water meter data. Our clients provided us with tons of papers and spreadsheets – overly complicated, often incomplete, and prone to human error. We wondered: Could there be a smart, convenient way to record water consumption data?  
We came up with the idea to place a camera on the meter. A device suitable to every water meter, no matter its type, placement, or location, by using optical recognition software to record the data. Linked to the cloud, our software then monitors and analyzes it remotely and not only creates reports, but sets off leak alerts when necessary.  

Main meter
Monitoring Hardware
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VertoLive mockup


A Partnership with VertoNordic Oy for Next-Level Water Data

While our monitoring service was reaching more clients every day, our ambitions only grew bigger. To provide even more accurate water data, an enhanced leak detection system, and a better understanding of overall water consumption, we wanted to zoom in a little further. We wondered: Could there be a smart, scalable way to provide unit-specific monitoring? 
After an extensive search and in-depth screening of potential partners, we found our perfect match in submetering company VertoNordic Oy. With more than 35 years of experience, Verto offered a wealth of experience and excellent technology to start monitoring and analyzing individual apartments and units. Not only do we now offer our clients more detailed data and alerts, but we can also help them fulfill EU requirements for consumption-based billing and prepare for future sustainability legislation. 


Smartvatten's Strategic Partnership for Water Utilities Transformation

Seeing the impact of global water challenges every day, we continued to look for more ways to contribute to a water efficient future. The responsible management of water doesn't start or end in homes and businesses, we realized. It starts with water distribution, and ends with water treatment. We wondered: Could there be a smart, user-friendly way to optimize water management for water utilities?  
Originating from a direct collaboration between a water utility, water engineers and data scientists, the young startup Neuroflux offered in-depth data analytics and visualization for both water distribution and wastewater networks. By expanding our services with the technology and expertise of these two companies, we now cover the entire water cycle. And that enables us to make an even bigger impact on saving water and contributing to a sustainable future.  

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Reduce your CO2 emissions with water


Smartvatten's Pledge to Shape the Future of Water Management

With all these years of experience and vast amounts of data, we have not only saved hundreds of millions of liters of water, but gained invaluable insights into the consumption of water and the many ways in which we can manage it effectively and sustainably. We will continue to grow and work hard to promote the responsible use of water around the world. And we will keep wondering: Could there be more smart, effective ways to conserve water and make clean water accessible to everyone, for generations to come? 
From offering our water-installations in Finland, to facilitating the remote monitoring of the entire water cycle for real estate and water utilities across Europe, Smartvatten has grown into the leading supplier of water efficiency technology and expertise in Northern Europe – and we want to keep leading the way. By continuing to ask questions and looking for user-friendly and accessible solutions for our clients, we hope to make a lasting impact on our environment and help create a sustainable future for everyone.    

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