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Partner up with us for a smarter future in water management.
At Smartvatten, we are always on the lookout for dynamic partnerships with Energy Management Software providers and other companies that can leverage the power of our water management data.

Water is an often overlooked part of real estate’s smart metrics. We aim to expand the reach of water data by joining forces with the right companies.

Why become partners? Here are a few compelling reasons:

Cutting-edge water management data

Smartvatten is a leading provider of advanced water consumption data analytics. Our innovative technology enables accurate tracking, analysis, and optimization of
water usage and leak detection, empowering companies and individuals to make smarter decisions regarding water management.

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Seamless integration

We understand the importance of compatibility and integration with existing systems. Our team of experts will work closely with your company to ensure a seamless integration process, enabling you to leverage our water management data within your software solutions or services effortlessly. We already have ready-to-go API integrations with more than 50 systems.

Enhanced value proposition

By partnering up with Smartvatten, you can enhance the value proposition of your energy management software and other offerings. Our water management data adds a new dimension to your solutions, enabling your clients to gain deeper insight into their water consumption patterns, identify inefficiencies, and drive cost savings.

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Sustainability and environmental responsibility

Water scarcity and sustainability are pressing global challenges. By partnering up with Smartvatten, you join us in our mission to promote responsible water usage and conservation. Together, we can empower businesses and individuals to adopt sustainable practices and contribute to a greener future.

Expanded market reach

Collaboration with Smartvatten opens doors to new markets and business opportunities. Our extensive network of clients and industry partners worldwide provides a valuable platform for mutual growth and expansion. Partnering up with us means tapping into a global ecosystem of forward-thinking organizations committed to making a positive impact.


Let's combine our expertise and resources to unlock the full potential of water management data and create a more sustainable world.

We invite Energy Management Software providers and other companies in the industry to explore partnership opportunities with Smartvatten. 

Reach out to us today to discuss how we can collaborate and drive innovation in water management. Together, we can make a significant difference. Welcome to the Smartvatten partner network!

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