Monitor, measure and analyze water consumption in all your properties - in real time.

Enhance your portfolio's water management with detailed water data.

Our services provide market-leading software and technology for a complete optimization of water consumption in real estate. Monitor, measure, and analyze water use and quickly detect leaks or other issues in real-time – for your whole property, for individual apartments or units, or both. Join us to take the next step on your sustainability journey. 


Elevate Awareness Around Water-Related Challenges

Our initiative stems from the critical insight that water usage in properties often remains under the radar. Through visualizing consumption patterns and providing real-time insights, we empower our clients to make well-informed choices, enhancing the efficiency of their water utilization.

We are committed to enlightening and raising awareness about water-related issues by delivering comprehensive reports and in-depth analyses. By shedding light on water conservation methods and elucidating the impacts of inefficient usage, our aim is to cultivate a more knowledgeable and proactive customer base, advocating for sustainable water practices.

Our Achievements in Tangible Figures

Connected Properties
Smartvatten's system boasts over 20,000 properties and more than 200,000 apartments under its monitoring umbrella.

Water Conservation
Our efficient management and prompt identification of irregular consumption patterns have culminated in the saving of millions of liters of water.

Leak Detection
Annually, we detect upwards of 50,000 leaks, facilitating immediate measures to curb water wastage and avert expensive water-related damages.

Financial Savings
With an average daily saving of €50,000, the fiscal advantages of optimizing water consumption with Smartvatten are undeniable.


Water efficiency services across your entire portfolio

Our services provide market-leading software and technology for a complete optimization of water consumption for your properties.  

Providing tools for process automation, we facilitate enhanced monitoring and resource allocation towards strategic initiatives, alleviating you from work by handling everything, allowing for significant effort reduction.



Remotely monitor water use and leaks for every property.
Remotely record and analyze your properties' water consumption to gain valuable water data and actionable insights. Early leak detection enables you to act quickly and prevent waste and serious damage.    


Track water consumption for every apartment and unit.
Get detailed insights into each apartment or unit's water consumption and pinpoint the origin of leaks. Provide users with access to their own data in the unit display and mobile app, and let us take care of consumption-based billing and customer care.


Smartvatten HUB

Access all your water data 
in one clear platform
Seamlessly connect and collect water data from your entire portfolio in one platform. Track, analyze, and compare every property with our advanced data analytics, and turn knowledge into sustainable action.


Hub laptop and mobile

Our Mission: Pioneering Automated Solutions for Water Conservation.

How does Smartvatten address today's critical challenges in water management?

Overcome Low Data Quality in Water Metering and Management
Low data quality plagues current water meter readings. Manual or semi-automatic methods lead to inaccurate, infrequent data, hindering effective water analysis and leak detection.

Harmonize Your Mixed Metering Systems Effortlessly
Diverse water meters, analogue and digital, complicate data uniformity in properties. Our solution streamlines data collection across different meters, simplifying your water management.

Gain Clear Insights into Water Efficiency and Environmental Impact
Understanding water efficiency is crucial, yet varied meters cloud data clarity. Our unified system interprets data seamlessly, offering insights into consumption and environmental impacts.

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