Water Distribution and Wastewater Network Services

At Smartvatten, we specialize in collecting, analyzing, and visualizing network data for water utilities. Our cutting-edge technology detects anomalies seamlessly, without the need for additional installations or increased workload. We empower utilities to optimize data management by consolidating information from both water and wastewater networks into a unified platform. 

Partner with us today to proactively minimize downtime for your customers. We can assist you in identifying sources of inflow and infiltration, reporting overflow incidents, and detecting potential issues such as blockages or capacity constraints within your wastewater system at an earlier stage. With our water distribution services, you can seamlessly integrate digital water meter data from any meter, reduce Non-Revenue Water, and implement intelligent alarms to streamline your operations. Our user-friendly interactive dashboards enable data-driven decision-making. 

Collaborating with us can lead to significant savings in resources, time, and costs. 


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Enhancing Utility Operations with Data Analytics 

Adopting a digital approach through data analytics can revolutionize utility operations. By leveraging the vast amount of data collected from your network, utilities can optimize operations, proactively identify and manage risks, and customize services to better meet customer demands. 

Continuous, automated data collection and analysis eliminate the need for manual data processing, freeing up valuable time for your team. Instead, they can access comprehensive, high-quality insights in a user-friendly, secure environment. 


Advanced Data Analytics  

We specialize in transforming your data into expert, comprehensive, and user-friendly information using automated, machine learning-powered analyses to streamline your workload. 

Customized Solutions for Your Network

Our services feature highly secure, easily customizable, and integrated software with personalized dashboards and ongoing expert support. 

Workflow Optimization

Benefit from remote monitoring, automated early leak detection, interactive visualizations, and detailed reports, allowing you to focus on essential tasks and guide operations with smart alarms. 

Prevent Network Disruptions

Our solutions minimize Non-Revenue Water, pollution, and downtime for your customers, directly contributing to a more sustainable future. 

Defense-in-Depth Security 

Smartvatten ensures data security with a defense-in-depth cyber security strategy, hosting our digital solution on dedicated servers for added protection. 

Comprehensive Data Management 

We address challenges faced by water distribution and wastewater networks, including aging infrastructure, leaks, capacity issues, and blockages, while optimizing the use of digital water meter data. 

Cover data management, data display and data fusion.

Water distribution and wastewater networks deal with constant challenges, from aging networks to leaks and blockages, Non-Revenue Water, and inflow and infiltration. Our solutions address all these and more and help you cover the Data Management and Display and Data Fusion and Analysis levels of the SWAN Model.


Let Your Data Work for You! 

Contact us to discover tailor-made solutions for your network and lighten your workload. 


Tailor-made solutions for every network.
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Smartvatten collects, interprets, and visualizes network data to detect anomalies seamlessly—without the need for complex installations or processes that burden your workload. By leveraging our services, you can proactively prevent downtime for your customers, understand inflow and infiltration causes, and minimize water loss while saving valuable resources, time, and money. 


Our technology swiftly detects leaks, analyzes water meter data ranging from digital to analog, calculates water balances, and correlates wastewater with clean water within a Distribution Management Area (DMA). With Smartvatten, you gain precise insights into water delivery to end-users. Rapid detection and intelligent alerts enable prompt problem resolution, maintaining optimal pressure levels and preventing disruptions. 


We quickly identify inflows, blockages, and other anomalies, pinpoint capacity issues leading to overflow, and trace the sources of inflow and infiltration. Our clear data and actionable insights empower you to make informed resource allocation decisions swiftly. 


Track acute issues and long-term trends using our highly secure interactive dashboard. This allows you to make informed decisions on long-term network maintenance. Monitor network status effortlessly with clear and intuitive visualizations. Whether managing municipal water or wastewater, Smartvatten ensures efficient and reliable distribution. 

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Our technology comprehensively maps your network by integrating data from various sources—including SCADA/Automation systems, GIS/NIS databases, wastewater pumping stations, flow measurements, and external sources such as weather conditions, sea levels, and energy consumption. For water networks, we aggregate data from diverse water meters and can incorporate information from IoT devices or other measurement points. Machine learning algorithms continuously assess the network's current status, promptly detecting deviations from normal behavior patterns and triggering alerts for faster response times.

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Our application is accessible via your web browser and can be tailored to the specific needs and scope of your network. With this tool, you can easily monitor the status of your network using the map viewer and detect blockages, I&I issues and leaks in specific sections of the network. You have the ability to optimize pump operation and network pressure settings, analyze trends, identify bottlenecks, compare catchment areas and accurately track non-revenue water, inflow and infiltration, and overflow events

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Our services have been meticulously crafted with a Defense in Depth cybersecurity strategy to guarantee the complete safety of your data. Our solution is entirely digital and cloud-based, requiring no installations, and is hosted on a private, dedicated server tailored to each individual client. 

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We go beyond technology to cultivate lasting partnerships. Our team is committed to fostering long-term customer relationships, offering continuous support and guidance to maximize the value of your data. Our service is subscription-based and adaptable to any network. 

Transforming Data into Network Intelligence.

Enhance network performance with extensive data integration. Our software consolidates data from pumping stations, flow measurements, weather conditions, sea levels, and energy consumption. Gain valuable insights into your network's current status, proactively identify potential issues, and access intuitive visualizations. 


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View your entire network clearly on a map and quickly identify all challenges at a glance. Detailed data is just a click away

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Customize personalized dashboards to monitor the specific challenges within your network. 

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This supplementary module provides a detailed analysis of wastewater flow, breaking it down into discharge components by integrating various data sources. 

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Easily access each data point, make comparisons, and examine specific patterns using clear diagrams. 

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