All your water data in one digital platform.

Discover Smartvatten Hub, your all-in-one solution for managing water data across your real estate portfolio. Connect every water meter, whether main or submeters, and access all data seamlessly on our smart, user-friendly platform. Analyze water consumption, costs, and get actionable insights, all aggregated at a portfolio level.

Smart water complete digital dashboards for mobile and desktop

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Updated look and feel 

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Portfolio-wide water data

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Fully responsive across devices 

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Enhanced analytical insights

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Increased productivity with easy access to key information

Enhanced analytics and User Friendly Interface.

Take control with our new look platform, featuring easy access to high-quality analyses. Dive into our intuitive property list overview, providing interactive and detailed insights into each managed property. Whether you're a long-time Smartvatten user familiarizing yourself with new features or new to our platform, we're here to support your journey in water management. 

Unlock the Flow: Revolutionizing Real Estate Water Management

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Advanced Features for Informed Decision-Making
Experience the power of Smartvatten Hub's advanced analytical capabilities. Track detailed water consumption and manage leaks with precision. Compare historical data, spot trends, and use our leak detection feature to stay ahead of issues. Customize reports to your specific needs, from compliance to meeting preparations.

Strategic Comparative Insights
Leverage our benchmarking tools to compare your properties' water efficiency. Use the Smartvatten Index to measure against your entire portfolio and our extensive database, enabling strategic decisions that lead to cost savings and enhanced efficiency.

Tailored Alert System and Environmental Responsibility
Optimize your leak alert system to suit your needs. Choose recipients, share access, and track your water-related CO2 emissions. Our platform provides detailed insights into the environmental impact of your water usage, aiding in sustainable decision-making.

Smartvatten: Advanced Water Management at Your Fingertips

Mobile Accessibility and Real-Time Alerts
Stay connected with Smartvatten Hub on-the-go. Our mobile-optimized platform offers instant, detailed information about leaks and issues, no separate app required. Benefit from our notification system for quick response and efficient problem resolution.

Detailed Insights for Each Property
Expand each property object for in-depth information, crucial for on-site leak investigations. This enhances day-to-day operations, making Smartvatten Hub a practical tool for real estate professionals and environmental consultants.

Ready to Elevate Your Water Management?
Transform your approach to water efficiency and sustainability with Smartvatten Hub. Contact us to learn more about how our platform can make a difference in your real estate portfolio. Let's work together towards a more sustainable and efficient future in water management.


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API Integrations

Effortlessly integrate your systems with ours

The Smartvatten system easily integrates with yours: we have API integrations for most building management systems and ESG reporting platforms, and can add new ones in no time. Data seamlessly flows into other platforms and solutions, allowing you to combine the entire building's ecosystem into one platform. 

Find our technical API documentation right here


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