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The Smartvatten Index is a benchmark combining your water consumption data and leak statistics into one performance indicator. Calculate and rank the water efficiency performance of each of your assets, compare your scores with those of your competitors, and even find out your water-related CO2 emissions.


Smartvatten Index


Key Features

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Precision Water Efficiency Benchmarking

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Holistic Performance Indicator

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Customized for Property Type

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Rewards Leak Detection and Mitigation

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Rewards Leak Detection and Mitigation

A data-driven approach to optimize your water efficiency

Based on detailed water meter data from over 20.000 properties, the Smartvatten Index provides a valuable indication of your assets' performance in water efficiency. The index takes both water use and presence of leaks into account, and categorizes your assets according to property type and floor space. Each asset is awarded a numerical score reflecting their water efficiency and leak management. Your water-related CO2 emissions are mentioned separately. Pinpoint which of your properties have the greatest potential to improve water efficiency and save water, and prioritize your efforts accordingly. 

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How your property type, consumption, and leak detection shape your water usage score

Your points on the Smartvatten Index are scored by calculating the amount of cubic meters of water used per square meter. The scale ranges from 10 to 90, where 10 is the lowest and 90 is the highest possible score. When you make efficient water management an important part of your sustainability goals, you'll be awarded more points. The Index takes the following components into account: 


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Property Type – Each property is categorized by type, like residential or industrial, based on the BREEAM standard. 

Consumption – For each category, a median reference consumption per square meter is determined. Consumption above or below this median value affects the Index proportionally. The median reference values also take statistics of average consumption into account. For example: 120 liters per person per day in residential properties. 

Leak Component – For every water leak detected, one point subtracted from your Index score. Additional points can be subtracted based on the duration of the leak, meaning that longer-lasting leaks have a greater negative impact. 

CO2 emissions

Calculating Your Water-Related Carbon Footprint. Each property has a carbon footprint based on its water consumption. Smartvatten considers the following factors when calculating the CO2 emissions from water consumption:

Reduce your CO2 emissions with water


CO2 emissions from water production

This covers the distribution of drinking water and the treatment of wastewater. Calculations are based on official data from the Helsinki Water Utility, which amounts to 0,71 kg CO2 per m3. As they operate a modern, large-scale wastewater network, it can be assumed to be a relatively conservative number when applied to other regions.

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Energy used for hot water

This amounts to an average of 58 kWh per m3. How much CO2 is emitted depends on which type of heating is used, which can be set individually for each property. Our calculations are based on data by Motiva and Statistics Finland.

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Hot water share

The amount of hot water as a percentage of the overall water consumption is determined based on property type and follows official guidelines by Motiva.

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