Taking Water Efficiency to the next level for Property Owners

Smartvatten Index is a benchmark developed based on detailed water meter data from over 10 000 properties. It combines the water consumption and leak statistics into one Performance Indicator.

What is Smartvatten Index? 

Smartvatten Index combines water consumption and leak statistics to provide a performance indicator for your properties. 

The index takes into account both water consumption and the presence of water leaks in various property types.It provides a numerical score that reflects the water efficiency and the management of leaks in these properties, with 10 representing poor efficiency and 90 indicating excellent efficiency and leak management.

The Smartvatten Index

Key Points

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Precision Water Efficiency Benchmarking

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Holistic Performance Indicator

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Customized for Property Types

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Rewards Leak Detection and Mitigation

The Smartvatten Index Calculation Principles

Property Type Classification:
Properties are categorized by type using the BREEAM standard.

Consumption Component:
For each property type group, a median reference consumption per square meter (m²) is determined.
Consumption above or below this median value affects the Index proportionally.
The median reference values also consider statistics of average consumption, such as 120 liters per person per day in residential houses.

Leakage Component:
For every detected water leak, one point is subtracted from the Index.
Additional points are subtracted based on the duration of the leak, indicating that longer-lasting leaks have a greater negative impact on the Index.

The Smartvatten Index is represented on a scale ranging from 10 to 90, where 10 is the lowest and 90 is the highest possible score.

CO2 Emissions

Calculating CO2 emissions from Water Consumption

Each property has an individual CO2-footprint based on it's water consumption. Smartvatten considers the following factors when calculating the CO2 emission from water consumption ->

1. CO2 emissions from water production (drinking water supply and wastewater treatment). Calculations are based on official data from Helsinki Water Utility, which sums up to 0,71 kg CO2 per m3. As they operate a modern, large-scale wastewater plant, it can be assumed to be a relatively conservative number when applied to other regions.

2. Energy consumption for heating of water, 58 kwh / m3. CO2 emission factors from heating energy depends on which type of heating is used for the property, which can be set in the Smartvatten Portal.
Source for the CO2 factors depending on heating type: Motiva and Statistics Finland.

3. The share of hot water as % of the overall water consumption is determined depending on property type and follows official guidelines from Motiva.

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