Sub-metering services

Smartvatten's advanced sub-metering services offer a comprehensive solution for both residential and commercial properties. Our wireless, LoRa-based system provides precise leak detection and fair billing by monitoring individual water usage meeting IMD requirements. Enhance your property management with user-friendly access to data through a unit display and mobile app, meeting the needs of today's real estate professionals and environmental consultants.


Verto apartment building

Key benefits

Reduce spending

Optimized Savings
Experience both financial and environmental benefits with real-time water monitoring. Our system ensures equitable water distribution and consumption, leading to significant savings in both costs and resources.

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Accessible Data
Stay informed on-the-go with our free app, offering detailed daily water consumption insights for each household. Receive alerts for unusual usage, ensuring you're always in control of your water use.

Hub mobile and laptop

Digital Management
Our system serves as a virtual assistant for property managers. It seamlessly and securely transfers measurement data to the cloud, accessible in both numerical and graphical formats via a browser, streamlining property management.  

Consumption based water billing

Efficient Billing
Simplify your invoicing process with our system's capability to transfer consumption data directly to your billing software, either via a transfer file or an interface solution, ensuring hassle-free and accurate billing.

Pinpoint leaks & promote awareness 
with focussed tracking

Get an even more comprehensive understanding of your property’swater use with detailed insights into the consumption of each apartment, unit, or space. Find the origin of leaks, provide consumption-based billing in multi-tenant properties, share data access with users to promote awareness, and score extra points on your ESG certifications.

A dedicated collection unit is installed at the central point of each property. This system facilitates automatic remote readings via the GSM network or a broadband connection, linking directly to our browser-based platform for seamless data access.


Water tap
Hub screen

Housing-specific flow sensors, devices and displays are installed in each home. The residential display is wireless and it can be placed in a dry room using the wall bracket included in the delivery. The housing units reduce water consumption and send consumption data wirelessly to the collection unit and from there to our cloud-based software.


Bringing Measurement Data Right to Your Desktop. Our system collects water consumption data for all your objects at an address. Measurement data can be read with a browser from the service program. From the platform, water consumption data can then be transferred to the billing system using a transfer file or an interface solution. In addition, the system alarms in the event of leaks or disturbances. 


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Smartvatten Hub: Revolutionizing Water Management for Property Portfolios

Taking water efficiency to the next level for property owners, we present an advanced digital platform where all your water data is accessible in one place. Seamlessly connect every water meter in your real estate portfolio, whether they are main meters or submeters, and collect all their data on this smart, user-friendly platform. The entire building's water consumption, water flow, and related costs can be analyzed in the Hub portal, known as the Smartvatten HUB. This improved platform allows customers to easily connect and collect water data from any meter in their property portfolio, with the ability to aggregate this information up to a portfolio level, enhancing water efficiency and management."


All your water data in one digital platform.


Smartvatten's main meter service offers unparalleled insights into water consumption, helping you optimize workflows, prevent damage, and achieve the highest water efficiency.

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