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When it comes to sustainable action in the real estate sector, certifications make your ESG performance become both measurable and visible, and ready for comparison with your competitors. The assessment process is based on an extensive list of conditions and covers a wide range of topics. Scoring well positively affects the value of your properties and enhances your reputation. By implementing Smartvatten's services, you'll hit the ground running.  


ESG for water consumption

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Doing well on your sustainability certifications is not just appealing to investors and tenants, it's good for business. Properties with good scores are valued higher, get better mortgage rates because they are considered more future-oriented and less high-risk, and can charge higher rental premiums. Join us to reach the next level.   


Smartvatten customers automatically earn 4.916 points for their certification

The GRESB organization provides a standardized and validated way to determine the ESG performance of real estate and infrastructure and shares that data with the capital markets. It is the leading ESG benchmark for real estate and infrastructure investments around the world. And it actively recognizes the importance of responsible use of water.

For their GRESB certifications, Smartvatten customers are guaranteed at least 4.916 points out of 100 in the category Water Performance in the annual GRESB Assessment. With the potential of growing up to 7.67 points! See the table below for more information or contact us directly to learn more about what this can mean for you.

WT1 - Water Usage

Water Data Coverage – 4 points.

Applicable if 100% of the portfolio has 12 months of water consumption data for the full floor area. If it's less than 100% of the floor area, the data coverage of the portfolio is benchmarked and scored dynamically (i.e., 70% data coverage for office assets in Europe will score differently than having 70% data coverage for industrial assets in Europe) with the scores ranging from 0-4 points.

MR3 - External Review of Water Data

Smartvatten provides annual review statements to clients, confirming their annual water usage. This results in 0.4166 points.

RA4 - Water Efficiency Measures

It can be assumed that some assets in the portfolio have had automatic (smart) meters installed within the last 3 years. This is automatically 0.5 points.

WT1 - Water consumption

Like for Like Performance Improvement
Smartvatten provides analytical tools and support to identify and minimize water losses and help continuously improve performance, with up to 2 additional points available.

RA4 - Water efficiency measures

Sub-metering system
The additional subr-metering service can enable an additional 0.25 points.

RA1 - Performance Risk Assessments

Smartvatten offers a dedicated water efficiency risk report per asset, which ranks all assets in the portfolio in relation to water efficiency performance and provides detailed insights into water efficiency performance. By using this report and providing an action plan based on the insights and ranking, clients can achieve 0.5 GRESB points.


Smartvatten customers can earn up to 25 points for their certification

The BREEAM certification method for sustainably built environments is internationally recognized, highly valued, and used in more than 80 countries. The In-Use certification provides insight into the current level of sustainability in an existing building, as well as its potential for improvement.

BREEAM sets the bar higher than what’s required by law. That’s not just to work towards a more sustainable future more quickly, it’s to make sure the performance of your buildings is resistant to sudden events and gradual changes – preventing unwelcome surprises further down the line. And the certificate also has a positive effect on your GRESB certification.

The quality of our devices and software means Smartvatten customers earn 10 points for their certification with our main meter service, and can earn up to 25 points out of 51   by actively working with our system. For more information about BREEAM points for water performance, see the table below or contact us directly to learn more about what this can mean for you.


WAT 01 - Water monitoring

When our device is installed on the main meter of your property, you’ll receive 4 points. When every installation or floor that’s responsible for more than 10% of the water use is equipped with a submeter and another device, and multi-tenant buildings are metered per tenanted area, another 2 points are added.

WAT 04 - Water efficient equipment: handwashing basin taps

If your building is equipped with automated handwashing taps, Smartvatten can provide you with water efficient aerators. This earns you an additional 3 points.

WAT 05 - Water efficient equipment: showers

If you order and install water-saving showerheads from Smartvatten, you’ll earn 4 points.

WAT 07 - Leak detection system

Because of Smartvatten’s leak detection system, you’ll be awarded the full 4 points after a complete calendar year.


WAT 13 - Water consumption reporting

When you use the Smartvatten Water Efficiency Index as a benchmark, you automatically earn 2 points. Earn 1 extra point when you report on it internally, and another 1 point if you publish this information in an annual report.

WAT 14 - Water strategy

Creating a data-driven water efficiency strategy with Smartvatten, based on leak detection data and a water savings assessment, can earn you 4 points.

Improving your score

When our clients want to improve or expand their sustainability certifications, we continuously work on making the process as user-friendly and scalable as possible. With a quick scan based on our Smartvatten Index  benchmark, we can help you figure out exactly which properties should be prioritized when it comes to getting ready for their sustainability assessment, and where you'll get the most results. 

Smartvatten Index

Smartvatten Index

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