HVO-Querido enhances sustainability with Smartvatten’s water efficiency services

Operating from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, HVO-Querido serves people in vulnerable positions. The company is on a mission to help people who have become homeless, suffer from psychological problems or addictions. They also offer guides focusing on sex workers, victims of human trafficking, and undocumented people. Anyone who wants to give their life new meaning and direction can rely on HVO-Querido.

As the company is on a humanitarian mission, sustainability and ESG goals are at the heart of all of their operations. One integral part of this is to conduct their daily work in buildings that match these values. Smartvatten’s water efficiency service was the clear answer to enhance this.

In November 2022 we started a collaboration to bring Smartvatten’s optical readers to 31 locations of HVO-Querido’s real estate portfolio by the end of the year. The deployment was carried out in close collaboration with the clients and Smartvatten’s customer success teams. By the end of 2022 all the buildings benefited from the Smartvatten’s water monitoring on a minute level.

“Collaboration with HVO-Querido is a prime example of what can be achieved in a rather short amount of time, when the will and purpose come together. Smartvattens’ customer success and deployment teams worked in close cooperation with HVO-Querido’s team, and we managed a smooth rollout through the portfolio in just a little over a month.” comments Max Verbeek, Account Manager Benelux, Smartvatten.

“We could not be happier with the support and smooth operations carried out by Smartvatten’s teams. Sustainability and ESG goals are important driving forces in all of what we do, and we were very happy to see the professional manner in which Smartvatten could help us achieve those goals through water efficiency of our buildings. The service also serves to help us in our cooperation with Mileuplatform Zorgsector (https://milieuplatformzorg.nl/)” – Frank van der Schoor, HVO-Querido.

Minute level readings of HVO-Querido’s buildings allow them to optimize their water consumption, detect water leaks and prevent costly water damages, while scoring points on their ESG certificates and sustainability goals. The service is scalable throughout larger real estate portfolios, providing benchmarks and insights through customer friendly online platform.

“Great team effort provides great results, and we are looking forward to expanding the Smartvatten water efficiency service to rest of the buildings in our portfolio.”, says Frank van der Schoor.

More information:

Frank van der Schoor
Huisvesting en Facilitair
0800 020 00 33

Max Verbeek
Account Manager Benelux